Can you help Sheffield re-claim the ‘beautiful game’?

I’ve long thought Sheffield has hid its light under a bushel when compared to its more vocal counterparts in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. 

It has been a bug bear of mine for years!

Our friends in Lancashire have built their entire image around their music and football.

Sheffield, traditionally, has been far more restrained. We’ve marketed ourselves as the ‘outdoor city’ and the ‘green city’.

All very good but it’s not the kind of thing that sets the media on fire and mobilises the 500,000+ local population.

Not when you consider the history and cultural assets the city does have – ones many other places would kill for.

So it was a privilege to be asked to help co-ordinate PR for a long overdue campaign launched at the Town Hall to finally make the city’s football credentials known worldwide.

Sheffield is lining up to ensure the world never forgets its place as the global home of the beautiful game. 

Highlights of the far-reaching strategy include proposals for goalpost-style signage over the M1 motorway; sculptures celebrating contributions to the beautiful game and the launch of a Football Archive Centre. 

You can read The Star’s article – they’re a partner in the project and have pledged their own campaign to get 40 plaques up in the city to recognise 40 ‘footballing firsts’ – here:

I know from my 10 year project on the Sheffield Blitz that things take time. But create the right momentum with the right objectives and anything is achievable. Can you believe Coventry – a city we believed did far more than us to mark the German attacks in World War Two – have been wondering if they can emulate parts of what we have done here in Sheffield?

The Sheffield Home of Football project knows it doesn’t have all the answers. In fact it has called for help from businesses and individuals. 

Can you bring anything to the table? Can you help spread the word? 

You can find out more here:

Can you help Sheffield re-claim the ‘beautiful game’?

One thought on “Can you help Sheffield re-claim the ‘beautiful game’?

  1. Hi
    I often wonder, “what does Sheffield have to offer to attract people to it”?
    I’ve lived here all my life and love my city. I love the fact were only 10/20 minutes from the peaks, love the fact we have so much heritage, love the fact we have so much green space and love the fact that we have lots of other great stuff that has happened, music wise and sport wise.
    We gave the world steel, gave the world football, gave the world the human league… yes I’m that old!!
    Sadly I share in the frustration that we don’t give ourselves the best platform to attract outsiders in. This is strange as once people visit, they tend to love it here.
    Why aren’t we as a city investing in a plan of action to link up various ideas to encourage and support attractions that people will want to visit? Yes we have Meadowhall, but many other cities have shopping malls too (and with high end shops too!).
    I have struggled to see why we haven’t invested in some kind of major museum, gallery and arena. We have the arena, which is great but what else does it do/offer that other cities arenas don’t?
    I’m struggling now to condense my thoughts without going into detail, so I’ll try and bullet point…
    1. lets have a state of the art Arena and Museum built with gallerys to host displays, stages to host concerts and the museum section to host and showcase the many ways in which Sheffield has been world leaders through the industrial revolution, many sporting achievements and music history.
    2. Take adventure of the watercourse running from the city center – lets be bold and see how we can adapt the waterway into an attraction that links the center to Meadowhall with a green corridor all the way down and maybe even some kind of outdoor aquatic sport facility – there’s surely enough brownfield land there and potential to compulsory purchase to create such a facility.
    3. Sheffield FC – They need a home, a new home. could the museum idea be facilitated into that? A brand new stadium of football – with a football museum attached to it? Shops and restaurants beneath the facia of the stadium to create revenue in rent for a small club such as sheffield FC

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