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Neil Anderson Media provide bespoke PR campaigns to communicate seamlessly with your target audiences over multiple media channels.

Our PR planning skills will ensure you stay one step ahead of your rivals and we’ll spot potential pitfalls before they happen. A company’s success is built on its reputation – a Neil Anderson Media PR campaign will develop and cement that reputation. We are experts in influencer marketing and have tens of thousands of contacts at our fingertips.

People forget that a single, expertly written press release can create more traction than months posting on social media.

Our words provide massive value because they attract the attention of journalists, bloggers and key influencers. It’s the weight of their combined audiences that can transform the fortunes of a business. How would your organisation benefit if it was recommended by an influential figure in your market on a radio show or TV show? Our press releases make these things happen.

Few marketing tools have the power of a book – they can place you head and shoulders above your rivals. Producing a book – whether it be a business title or something completely different – has never been more cost-effective if you know what you’re doing. We have the experience, track-record and trusted partners to make book production a seamless and enjoyable experience. Help me to write my book? No problem! Help me to publish my book. Again, no problem!

We can help with:

  • Writing
  • Support and guidance
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Cover and layout design
  • Printing and digital publishing
  • Launch and self-publishing advice.

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In the era of unregulated social media, reputation is regarded by many as a company’s single most important asset. Our reputation  and brand management skills are second to none and we have regularly come up with solutions which have turned damage limitation exercises into PR success stories. 

Events offer fantastic opportunities to boost your brand and develop your business. We’ve managed everything from restaurant unveilings to the launch of a new business or product launch. We’ve secured audiences to attend events, journalists and bloggers to help publicise them and every minute detail associated with their smooth running.

Our award-winning copywriting skills can be used for any number of applications – from feature writing to blogging. Why struggle? Write my blog? No problem. Write my article? Again, no problem. Leave it to the experts!

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