From a restaurant feeding the needy to a care worker’s 21.8% per rise – have you some Covid good news?

Extraordinary times give rise to extraordinary actions and it has been nice to help broadcast some of them.

We are – by our very nature – a resilient and resourceful country.

So it has been reassuring to hear about the actions of some of our clients and friends.

In fact it has been a privilege to help promote stories where businesses and individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help to ease a situation that is having a truly devastating effect on the most vulnerable sectors of society.

These businesses are not making money – in fact in the first case it’s costing them thousands every month.

The plight of care assistants has been nightly news as they battle against the virus.

They’ve been lacking the most basic PPE, they’re putting their lives in danger on the frontline and they’re only earning the minimum wage.

Roy Young of Silver Healthcare decided to give them a 21.8 % payrise to give them “the respect they deserve”. 

The Yorkshire Post, amongst others, covered the story:

Another care home colleague’s social campaign to champion workers has now reached over 250,000 people. Donna Pierpoint’s success in gaining support for her movement was truly amazing.

Tomorrow’s Care, amongst others, covered the story:

Rick Bailey, owner of West Street’s renowned FirePit restaurant in Sheffield, re-opened his operation to provide meals for society’s most vulnerable. He’s wanting to provide 1,000 a week. 

Vibe, amongst many others, covered the story:

And us? Well many of you know I’m a bit of a social historian on the side and I’ve amassed loads of fantastic retro content via my series of books over the years.

I’ve been supplying The Star, Sheffield Telegraph and Derbyshire Times with oodles of free content to keep people amused through lockdown. 

It’s appearing online like this:

Stay safe everyone and if you want to drop me a line about a potential Covid-19 good news story feel free. I’m at:

From a restaurant feeding the needy to a care worker’s 21.8% per rise – have you some Covid good news?
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