Don’t forget to maximise your award nomination

Awards can be a doubled-edge sword – they can take hours of time to put together and seemingly deliver nothing if you don’t win.

But many people forget simply being nominated for an award is enough to generate huge amounts of positive PR and profile if it’s presented in the correct way.

In fact the amount of positive publicity the simple act of a nomination can command can regularly equal winning the award itself.

We always advise clients that they should maximise publicity at the nomination stage.

If they don’t – and they walk away with the awards ceremony with nothing which will regularly happen – there’ll end up with no publicity and nothing to show for their efforts bar a few post-awards ceremony hangovers.

It’s fair to say a news release about not winning an award is not the kind of publicity many businesses or individuals want to generate!

One of our restaurant clients has just won a national award – the second time in two years which is amazing!

Nonnas Sheffield, the popular Italian restaurant located on Ecclesall Road, was awarded ‘Best Business’ at the inaugural English Italian Awards 2015. They also followed that by winning ‘Best Barista’ in the country a couple of weeks ago.

But both wins were the icing on the cake – we maximized publicity at the nomination stage in case the awards evening didn’t deliver any silverware.

Their very one Lucia Gadau won the ‘Best Barista’ award giving Nonnas Sheffield another win to add to their list.

Our story was even covered in the Italian media!

It was an honour to be part of the team.

We work with scores of businesses and always encourage them to go for awards. They are a fantastic way to maximize publicity and are brilliant for staff morale and developing a company brand.

If you are a business owner ensure you don’t dismiss awards – they could be the making of you and your company!

Few industries are without awards – just Google them and a wealth of opportunities should appear!

You need to ensure you pick awards that you have a chance of being nominated. Don’t be afraid to be different and quirky – judges like something different! You need to stand out and be remembered!

For more information on our services and how we can make winning awards possible for you too, just drop us an email.

Don’t forget to maximise your award nomination
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