A book can be a marketing gamechanger – could you be my next Amazon chart topper?

There’s a popular saying that everyone has a book inside of them.

But for most people, that’s where it stays, inside them.

They fail to nurture a tool that’s capable of becoming arguably the most powerful piece of marketing collateral they could ever have.

The right book can transform the fortunes of an organisation or individual and provide the direction of travel for an entire marketing operation.

So many times I see people stuck in a rut as they try to develop their business. There marketing has no structure, no direction and they’ve no idea what’s working and what’s not.

They dabble in everything from social media to PR but they fail to create momentum and differentiate themselves from their competition.

A book can be a gamechanger.

Just recently I helped a client – Steve Knapp, better known as the Sales Mindset Coach – get the book out of him. His experience was the perfect embodiment of what a book can do for a business.

‘FunnelVision – Selling Made Easy’ topped the Amazon charts days before it was even launched; advance orders were coming in from customers world-wide and the title has been hailed “the best sales book ever”.

In short it:

  • Hammered home his credentials as a person of influence in his sector
  • Provided structure and direction to his marketing
  • Provided PR and social media content.

I wrote the title on his behalf and managed the entire publishing and launch process.

You can buy the book/read some customer reviews here: https://amzn.to/34XOg6U

If you ever want to chat about how I’d get the book out of you and help you gain the competitive edge over your rivals just drop me an email.

A book can be a marketing gamechanger – could you be my next Amazon chart topper?
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